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Auto Accidents

Proven Track Record in Auto Accident Cases

Our firm has successfully tried to jury verdict throughout Missouri numerous cases in which our clients have suffered bodily injury in motor vehicle accidents. Our success in these cases has resulted from thorough and careful trial preparation. In addition to thorough investigation to identify and locate all witnesses, and gather the factual evidence necessary to win, we often also enlist the aid of professional accident reconstructionists. These experts, who often have academic training in physics, assist us and our clients in recreating and explaining to the jury the mechanics of the accident, the speed of the vehicles at impact, and other vital information helpful to persuade judges and juries of the merits of our clients’ cases.

Success in Settlement

In most cases of motor vehicle collision, a settlement is reached. For every motor vehicle accident case tried to a jury, dozens are settled short of a full trial.

However, obtaining a full and fair settlement requires experience and expertise. We are familiar with the techniques and strategies insurance companies use to try to hold down and reduce the amount they pay to the victims of automobile accidents. We know how to counter and fight these tactics.

We also gather on behalf of our clients persuasive evidence to prove the merits of our clients’ cases, and to demonstrate the full amount of their damages. We often engage professional
mediators to conduct mediations with the insurance companies to achieve a full and fair settlement out of court. This often results in our clients receiving full compensation quicker than if the case proceeded to trial, and at less expense.

Knowledge and experience in medical matters

Success in motor vehicle accident cases often turns on the ability of the lawyer to understand the medical issues. Knowing the nature of the injury, understanding the medical terminology used by the hospitals and treating doctors, and knowing the likely future symptoms and complications of the injuries are essential to achieving a full and fair settlement or verdict for the client.

Our lawyers and staff have broad experience with these medical issues, and we have a good working relationship with doctors and hospitals throughout southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

Kenneth A. Wagoner of our firm has been recognized by the Missouri Bar Foundation as having outstanding professional ability as a trial lawyer. Wagoner has tried many cases arising from motor vehicle accidents. He has assisted clients to achieve full and fair out-of-court settlements in cases against negligent, careless or drunk drivers.

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