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Workers Compensation

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In Missouri, workers compensation is a no-fault system.  That is, the  injured worker need not prove or show any fault on the part of the employer in order to be entitled to benefits.  If the worker was injured due to a work-related accident, then workers compensation applies.

Most employers in Missouri must carry workers compensation insurance if they employ five or more employees. (An exception is employers in the construction industry, who must carry workers compensation insurance even if they have only one employee).

The injured employee is required by law to give a written notice of injury to the employer. For this reason it is important for every worker injured on the job to fill out and give to the employer a written Report of Injury as soon as possible.

There are three main benefits under workers compensation:  medical care, temporary disability benefits while healing, and final compensation if the injury results in permanent impairment.

The employer and insurer must provide medical care to treat the injured employee.  There is no deductible or co-pay the employee is to pay; rather, the employer pays 100 percent of the medical costs and selects the health care provider.

If the employee is temporarily disabled from working due to the injury, the employer is to pay the worker two-thirds of the average weekly wage during this time.  There are caps on this amount.

If the injury leaves the worker with a permanent impairment, then compensation is payable according to a statutory scheme or schedule.  Often the doctors selected by the workers compensation insurance company give low ratings of impairment, which can result in low compensation.

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